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We manufacture custom and patent designs as per requirement
Eco-friendly jute product exporter in Ghaziabad


Hands of India is an exclusive export based Firm offering its customers wide range of handmade products fabricated from eco-friendly raw material like Bamboo, Jute, Kauna Grass, Coconut shells, Cane and Macrame. When it comes to handicrafts, we can reach from baskets to bags, from cushions and rugs to pot and plant holders. We specialise in baskets, lamps, bags, bohemian designed products and other handicrafts items for all other occasions. Our artisans have the knowledge and detailing of the eco-friendly raw material at grass root levels which make them capable of bending the most ornate kind of work to the simplest and modern work.

We strive to work efficiently with a motive to cater a huge customer base across the globe. We, at Hands of India promise you the best quality product with exquisite detailing wherein the question of rejection shall never arise. We believe in complete customer satisfaction for which we make sure that the order is delivered within time along with assured packaging. We are open to sample delivery on demand to ensure our customers that we deliver what we portray.


When it comes to art and crafts, we believe in the magic of hands. Since ancient history, India has been the epitome of hand crafted products from variegated raw materials grown and processed within the territory. To share the Indian traditions and the unique items designed by the best artisans of India with rest of the world, we initiated this startup to preserve the art of hands.

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Eco-friendly jute product exporter in Ghaziabad


Technology minimises human efforts. Raw material like plastic, rubber, etc. certainly reduce the cost of the finished product but at the same time raises a question on the preservation of our environment. Looking upto the current scenario, we need to work under sustainable development programs. We, at Hands of India, use eco-friendly product which in no way harms the environment. Materials like Jute, Bamboo and Kauna Grass are grown, treated and then moulded to make the final product. Coconut shell is an extraction from the dried green coconut which is then converted into bowls, etc. Macrame is a thread made of cotton yarn which is threaded into most of the bohemian designs by hands. All the products that we provide are completely bio-degradable, reusable and recyclable.


As per our government guideline, Hands of India, believes in making local as the mantra of our business. We provide our customers, the products which are made and moulded by the local artisans who are connected to the Indian tradition at the grass root level. The raw material is locally grown, locally treated and designed into the finished product by the local artisans. Here, we promote the talent and work skills of the local Indian people who help us in providing you with the best product quality. From raw material to the finished packed product, we stand local.

Best indian handmade handicraft exporters